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Are you ready to:

Become a wildly successful entrepreneur,

Make a massive

impact & income through your gifts

and feel confident AF while doing it?

Then you're ready for:

The DIY course empowering you to
master your mindset,
thrive as an entrepreneur,
and get unstuck in your business
so that you can fully embody your badassery
as a powerful CEO

Hey, I’m Jonnie Marie! 

I'm a multiple six-figure growth mentor
helping my clients fully step into their power and create a life where they are deeply thriving- in all ways.

For as long as I could remember I was always SO frustrated with working for other people and getting underpaid.

My consistent dissatisfaction always led me to
AKA start a job, and a few months or a year later, start another one...
and eventually, I started leaving jobs to start my own business because I had SO many ideas including:

Starting a personal training & nutrition counseling business for weight loss....
Having a clinical practice as a Registered Dietitian....
...and even a meal prep business.

All of which were massively successful until I started doubting myself and backing out of my dreams.

I started feeding into the scarcity mindset and fear of the business not working out.

I let the ideas from my family about "getting a safe job" penetrate my mind.

I lowered my prices for my services just to get clients.

And as a result, I kept giving up.

Fast forward to 2019 when I started my online coaching business-
Jonnie Marie Agresta LLC-
and I decided enough was enough.

I wasn't turning back.

I wasn't giving up.

And I wasn't stopping until my dreams were fulfilled.

And now as I stand here with a multiple six figure business, a team of 8 and having served over 100 clients and thousands of followers across platforms.


I'm SO glad I made the decision
to go after what I wanted.


Ok, so what was different
this time?

Building my business was easier this time
because I literally decided to just keep doing it,
no matter what happens.

Launch didn’t go as planned?
Reflect... keep going.

Loved ones casting a shadow of doubt?
Realign with your mission and passion... keep going.

Worried about being able to support myself financially?
There are endless ways to make money when you live in abundance... KEEP GOING!


This is the cycle of entrepreneurship
and the mindset you are going to adopt
with the
Next Level Mindset Mastery Course!


By adopting this mindset
you get to speak your truth and grow your impact

You have to know that only YOU can speak your truth
and create the impact that you see in your
unique vision.

When you do that you will begin to attract the right people
and create genuine connection

When you show up authentically as you,
without judging yourself,
everything gets easier and your ideal client is
attracted to you

That’s how I sailed to a multiple 6-figure coaching business
in less than 16 months

That’s how I became the entrepreneur I always
knew I was meant to be

That’s how I stepped into my power

Building your massive impact and income is not just about the strategy 
it’s about the mindset you have
behind it.

Yea, I see you!!

I see you watching other people's success...
while sitting on the sidelines and staying small.

...the self doubt, perfectionism, pressure and self- sabotaging
are making it more difficult to show up and

believe that your desires are
GOING to happen.

Not moving as quickly as you want is starting to take a toll.

The struggles you have when writing content, putting your vision into place & dealing with the whole "money issue"
makes you second guess your desire to be an entrepreneur or go all-in on the income & impact you DO want.

The weight of building a business from scratch is having you question
if your parents and loved ones might actually have been right,
and if you should go back to what's easier.


You have a burning passion.
You know you're meant for more.
More than mediocre.

You want massive abundance.
You want an overflow of ideal clients, money, leads, followers,
and you're ready to accept all of it into your life.


And you want to do it all while staying true to
your passion and values in your business and life.


The strategies you're learning to build your business won't be helpful
if you're constantly questioning and doubting yourself and your capabilities.


My love,
the mindset blocks you're experiencing aren't blocks,
they're simply beliefs that aren't serving you.

They have a deep rooted meaning in your life,
and it's time to uncover the beliefs that truly support you in
growing your impact.

So, how do you go from
feeling insecure

about not being able to accomplish your goals
and put yourself out there

confident, effective, and
successful af
even if your friends and family have massive doubts about it?

You step into your badass 
CEO mindset.

You own your gifts.

You own your passion.

You tune out the noise.

You choose confidence over
self doubt.

And continue to
show the fuck up
for yourself and your vision,
every single day.


Next Level Mindset Mastery

The DIY course empowering you to level up your mindset
so you can thrive as an entrepreneur and
fully embody your badassery as a powerful CEO
to help you grow your massive impact and income

(Payment plan options available below)

What you'll get:

A unique transformational process that dives deep into your mindset surrounding business, confidence, sales, strategies,
and how to truly embrace who you are in order to show up fully for yourself
and your business


  1. 7 pre-recorded training modules

  2. 10 hours of content helping you reframe your mindset & step into your power

  3. Homework activities to get you to fully embody your power as a CEO & thriving business owner

  4. Journal prompts to get you to actively restructure your mindset and full go after what you want in your life and business

Check out the module breakdown below
and begin to unlock your new
entrepreneurial self:

Who is the
Next Level Mindset Mastery

The online entrepreneur who...

….Knows they have a deep desire to impact people but keeps playing it small

….Keeps giving in instead of trusting that this IS for them
….Is letting the opinion of others prevent them from showing up
….Contemplates giving up when it gets hard… or has given up but still feels the calling to entrepreneurship
….Wants to make a massive impact and income
….Wants to live a life of freedom
….Is ready to be a GO GETTER and find that true, internal motivation
....Has all the strategies but is blocking themselves from using them
….Or has been doing the strategies (or trying to) but is stuck and frustrated
….Is ready to be viewed as an authority, not only by their followers but by their family and friends around them
….Is ready to be unapologetic about their desires and go full force into building their business

As a student of the course, you will learn...

….How to tune out the noise that’s preventing you from going after what you want
….How to trust yourself FULLY as an entrepreneur and not dim your excitement, passion, or vision
….To work through the hard shit in business when it comes up, so that you have the motivation and clarity to keep pushing 
….To live in abundance to show up powerfully in your business and attract clients easily

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My love,

This is your chance to practice believing that what you want is possible by taking this step as an investment toward your success!

Because when you can show up authentically and confidently and are able to speak freely about your worth and your capabilities for immense impact
then your business will completely thrive.

I know investing is scary, especially right now.

But I encourage you to step out of your current reality, rise into your potential, and act out of the possibilities of what can happen when you truly have a mindset that allows for growth, abundance, and success. 

When you  go full force into your desires, take action and tune out the noise, EVERYTHING you want can 100% come true.